Venue, Dates, Field trips

Breaking News: The Consortium for Large Ruminant Research, based at the University of Mataram in Lombok, has invited all interested delegates to fly to Indonesia for a 3-day post-conference field trip to see cattle fattening with leucaena in Sumbawa, such as in the video below. Details of costs and itinerary to be posted soon.



Venue in Australia
The conference will be held at the beautiful St Lucia Campus of The University of Queensland, in Brisbane.  Australia, the country down-under, is centrally located for delegates coming from Africa, Asia, North and South America.

The Conference comprises a 3-day field trip to visit some of the most successful large-scale leucaena graziers, followed by a 2.5 day workshop at The University of Queensland. A post-conference visit to Indonesia is also being offered by an Indonesian agency. Thus delegates may attend up to three activities.

  1. A pre-conference field trip will be organised by The Leucaena Network of graziers (29–31 October). More details to follow. 
  2. The conference will be organised by The University of Queensland (1–3 November).
  3. A post-conference field visit of cattle fattening with leucaena in Indonesia will be organised by The Consortium for Large Ruminant Research in Indonesia (during the week beginning 5 November). Invitation follows.

Invitation for post-conference field trip in Indonesia (week beginning 5 November 2018)

Dear participant to The International Leucaena Conference, as you may know, the Conference, and associated field tour, will now be held in Queensland, Australia (29 October – 3 November, 2018).

Accordingly, the Consortium for Large Ruminant Research (Konsorsium Riset Ruminansia Besar) based at University of Mataram in Lombok, are taking this opportunity to invite delegates to visit Indonesia as a post-conference activity, to see how our Indonesian smallholder farmers feed 100% leucaena diets. In the Provinces of Nusa Tenggara in Eastern Indonesia, there has been a huge expansion of commercial small-scale bull fattening, based on feeding leucaena.

We are proposing a three-day field trip (plus travel time) starting on the Island of Lombok (a short 20 minute flight from Bali) with travel to neighbouring Sumbawa to visit several project sites where Leucaena fattening can be demonstrated.

Delegates would be required to fly to Lombok from Brisbane, where you would be met, with accommodation, travel and food provided for the three days at a modest cost of approximately A$500 per person. The fee includes, airport pick up, 4 nights twin share accommodation (2 nights in Lombok and 2 nights in Sumbawa), bus to and from Sumbawa, four lunches and four dinners. Delegates may wish to stay an extra couple of days for personal recreation and enjoy the tourist destination of Senggigi.

Best regards,

Professor Dahlanuddin

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