We have invited the most experienced leucaena scientists, extension workers and farmers to give presentations at the conference. However, submissions are invited from all those working with leucaena who have an interesting general interest story to relate. See Submission of Papers Tab.

To view the preliminary program, click here: Program for ILC2018:

Topics to be covered at the conference

    1. Introduction and background
    2. What leucaena varieties are available?
    3. How to  manage leucaena plantations (planting density and legume-grass balance; nutritional requirements; height management)
    4. How to manage animals on leucaena (nutrition and animal production; grazing and cutting management; silage and green chop feeding)
    5. Alternative uses of leucaena (timber and paper pulp, medicinal and anthelmintic uses, other)
    6. Environment implications of leucaena (GHG implications. biomass for C sequestration, and methane reduction; soil quality improvement; biodiversity and animal welfare; weed leucaena: significance, implications and control)
    7. Adoption and economics of cattle fattening from leucaena
    8. Producers Forum comprising case studies of leucaena feeding systems in Australia, Indonesia, and Latin America
    9. Bioenergy and other emerging leucaena production systems
    10. What next? – priorities and future activities.