Organising and Steering Committees

Organising Committee

An Organising Committee comprising staff of the University of Queensland, and the  University of Mataram and BPTP in  Indonesia, have responsibility for organising the Conference. Key committee members are:

  • Assoc. Prof. Max Shelton (UQ)
  • Assoc. Prof. Chris Lambrides (UQ)
  • Dr Nahuel Pachas (UQ)
  • Dr Nigel Tomkins (MLA)
  • Dr Michael Halliday (UNE)
  • Dr Scott Dalzell (UQ)
  • Dr Hayley Giles (UQ)
  • Dr Dahlanuddin (UNRAM)
  • Dr Tanda Panjaitan (BPTP)
  • Dr Jacob Nulik (BPTP)
  • Ms Debora Kana Hou (BPTP)

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee has been established comprising the organising committee members, and representatives from the key regions and agencies contributing to the Conference.

  • Dr Enrique Murgueitio (Fundación CIPAV, Colombia)
  • Dr Julian Chará (Fundación CIPAV, Colombia)
  • Dr Rogerio Martins Mauricio (Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei. Minas Gerais, Brasil)
  • Dr Pablo L Peri (Conicet-INTA, Argentina)
  • Dr Alejandro Radrizzani (INTA, Argentina)
  • Dr Carlos Sanchez-Brito (Fundación Produce Michoacán, Mexico)
  • Dr Michael Peters (CIAT, Colombia)
  • Dr Daniel Real (DPIR WA, Australia)
  • Mr Stuart Buck (DAF, Australia)


Our contacts:


Organising committee:  Dr A. Nahuel Pachas email: